Beefeater Bugg

$499.00 (BBQ Only - No Trolley)

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Born in Australia, BUGG is a new species of BBQ that's so much more than you ever imagined.

The amazing BUGG picks up where other BBQs leave off. Sure, it's small in size. But it's big on technology and engineering with a host of advanced features specially adapated for today's world. Cook with the hood up, for crispier grilling. Or hood down, for roasts. And it's easy to store and carry. So your BUGG goes where you go. Anytime. Anywhere. Say hello to the amazing BUGG. It's the world's most brilliant BBQ yet. Designed and built by BeefEater, BUGG is the culmination of more than 25 years' experience in development of innovative BBQs that truly enhance the way we live.


Two powerful, independently controlled stainless steel burners make all the difference to performance. Cook for a couple or cater to a crowd. Ready to go. Instantly. BUGG’s high performance Quartz Start®Ignition fires up every time. BBQ your way, hood up or down. A must for the serious entertainer.
The dual burners and the oval shape guarantee even heat distribution.


The multi-talented BUGG's individually controlled dual burners double your cooking choices. Multi-task with the grill and plate combo*. Grill burgers one side, cook pancakes the other. BBQ nice and crispy with the hood up. Or hood down, for convection-style cooking


Big on cooking space, small in footprint. There's more room under the hood, more room on the dual grill/griddle plates*. Designed for performance, BUGG’s high hood ensures even heat distribution. Big enough to cook a whole turkey. Small enough to set up and store almost anywhere. Plus an integrated thermometer comes standard.


Easy to store. Easy to carry. It’s lightweight and built tough, so your BUGG travels with you. No need to wait for it to cool down with BUGG’s smart detachable shelves and accessory hooks. No spills, no mess with the locked-in grease tray. Smart wheel lock and balance mechanism for extra stability when in use. Set up anywhere. Balcony rails, table tops, wall hung or stand alone. On the boat, on the patio, off the car trunk or tailgate


Beautiful to cook on, and good looking too. Make a real BUGG statement in your choice of either graphite or amber.