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Braemar Evaporative Cooling

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Why evaporative air conditioning?

  • Delivers 100% fresh air
  • Uses up to 80% less electricity than comparable refrigerated systems!
  • Windows and doors can be left open
  • Greatly reduces costs of staying cool
  • Enables lower purchase and installation costs
  • Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “lifestyle” cooling
  • Allergy free, asthma-safe environment*
  • Replaces all of the air approximately every two minutes
  • Ensures full ventilation – drives out odours and stale air
  • Never dries out the eyes and skin, or even indoor plants

Evaporative air conditioning product range and specifications

Braemar Evolution Series

The coldest ultra-low profile evaporative air conditioner.

  • Highest capacity ultra-low profile evaporative air conditioner
  • Low profile, streamline, below the roof ridgeline look 
  • Save up to $346 per year in running costs*

Braemar SuperStealth Invertair Series

The world's first high performance inverter axial evaporative air conditioner with the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

  • Ultra-quiet cooling
  • Save up to $346 per year in running costs*
  • Outstanding cooling performance

Braemar Paradigm Series

  • Proven performer
  • Braemar quality and reliability
  • High efficiency, value for money



Nominal motor power (W)

Airflow (L/s)

Cooling capacity
EvolutionLPQI 25011501150730 front, 380 rear8834015008.4
EvolutionLPQI 35011501150730 front, 380 rear88430200010.4
EvolutionLPQI 45011501150730 front, 380 rear88600235011.8
EvolutionLPQI 55011501150730 front, 380 rear88950285013.2
SuperStealthLCQI 250115011506858834015008.1
SuperStealthLCQI 350115011506858843019909.9
SuperStealthLCQI 4501150115083591600262013.5
SuperStealthLCQI 5501150115083591950307014.3
ParadigmLCQ 250115011506857934015207.6
ParadigmLCQ 3501150115068580430198010.2
ParadigmLCQ 4501150115083589600256013.2
ParadigmLCQ 5501150115083591950281014.1

*Based on approximate running cost figures per annum sourced from Sustainability Victoria – see its Cooling Fact Sheet Assumes a whole house area of 166 square metres, with 300 hours usage, a 60% duty cycle for air conditioners, and an electricity tariff of 28 cents/kWh. No brand names are mentioned in the Sheet. Note that evaporative coolers also use water. Correct as at 18 August 2017. 

Colours may vary. heritage Green made to order.

The above data was drawn from Meridian Test Laboratory’s test analysis. The testing was performed by a NATA accredited laboratory to the requirements of the Australian standard
AS2913-2000 “Evaporative Air Conditioning Equipment.” Achievable with ambient 38 °C DB, 21°C WB, room temperature 27.4 °C.

Evaporative air conditioning features and benefits

SuperStealth® fan & motor
  • Excusive to SuperStealth range
  • Whisper quiet - quieter than the standard Stealth Fan. Ask your dealer for a demo
  • Uses far less energy than a standard fan and motor
Breakthrough Mini-Cell^ Chillcel® pad technology
  • Dramatic improvement in cooling efficiency
  • New enhanced small cell design means that the Braemar range boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling capacity 
Exceptional water distribution increases cooling effect
  • This Australian designed, world patented, free flow, water distributor ensures constant, even pad saturation increasing the cooling effect and outperforming competitor products.
Tornado® pump that won't block
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions
  • Dual directional - it can't block!
AutoWinterseal™ reduces draughts and dust
  • Automatic sealing system
  • Reduces need for winter cover
Auto water draining keeps your system clean
  • Empties the reservoir automatically when system is not in use, leaving it clean and dry
  • Ensures the system is operating at maximum efficiency, while using the minimum amount of water
WaterManager saves water
  • Uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high efficiency cooling
  • Water quality monitoring to maximise water savings
  • Keeps your system clean
Firewall ember screen (optional extra)
  • Helps guard against ember attack in bushfires
  • Made from non-combustible mesh
  • Minimal reduction in air flow of 5%