Choosing the Right Knife

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Good grilling requires a good set of knives. How much you spend on each knife is not nearly as important as how comfortable it feels in your hand. Uncomfortable knives sit in a drawer or knife block doing no good at all, no matter how much they cost. A comfortable knife at any price is a pleasure to use often, especially when you are using the right knife for the right job.

(Pictured from top to bottom)

a. Sharpening Steel: This special metal rod grinds and realigns the edges of a knife blade.

b. Serrated Knife: Its jagged edge is great at sawing through crusty bread, slicing through tender vegetables, and carving meats.

c. Chef's Knife: This is your number one, most important tool for slicing, dicing, and carving almost anything.

d. Santoku Knife: A good all-purpose knife for smaller hands. Oval cutouts along the edge help to reduce friction, which prevents foods from sticking to the blade.

e. Boning Knife: The thin, somewhat flexible blade moves easily along the edges of bones and in between tight spaces.

f. Paring Knife: A short tool that is especially effective at peeling, trimming, and mincing vegetables.