Do You Need A New Seal On Your Woodheater?

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Test the seal

Test the seal on the wood heater door with a piece of paper. (approx. 2" x 6") Open the door on a cold heater, place the paper across the gasketed area of the door, then close and latch the door. Try to remove the paper by pulling. The paper should not pull out easily. Try this in a few locations around the door, If there is an area where the paper pulls out easily the door seal needs attention.

The first thing to try is to adjust the door latch. Some stoves have a mechanism to adjust the door as the gaskets compact through use, and others can be adjusted by bending the hook welded to the stove body.

If you can't adjust the door, or if after adjustment the paper pulls out easily in one or more places, you should replace the door gasket because once it is compressed too far, no adjustment can produce a good seal.

New door seals here: http://store.heatworks.com.au/products/door-seal-for-wood-heaters.html

Glass seal / tape here: http://store.heatworks.com.au/products/flat-tape-glass-seal-for-wood-heaters.html

High temperature glue here: http://store.heatworks.com.au/products/rope-seal-glue.html