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Ducted Reverse Cycle Airconditioning by Braemar

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For more than 50 years Braemar has been comforting Australian families with superb high performance heating and cooling products and has cemented its reputation as a trusted and innovative Australian company, and even more so, since becoming part of the Seeley International group.

Why Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

A local South Australian company, so you can be assured of local backup and service.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a popular choice for home comfort. Heat and cool your whole home, or just the areas you are currently using, with the touch of a button.

Designed to cool or heat multiple rooms at once, Braemar ducted systems feed refrigerated air through a series of vents in the home.  Usually these vents are in the ceiling.

These air conditioners each consist of a compressor, a fan and a heat exchange coil and use a refrigerant to cool or heat the air.  Braemar ducted air conditioners, use a concealed ducted fan coil unit to distribute air to the rooms you want to heat and cool.*

Fixed Speed:

Braemar’s superior range of Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) compliant systems includes fixed speed single phase systems from 9.10 to 15.00kW and three phase systems from 10.90 to 24.99kW.


Braemar's Ducted Inverter range has sizes from 7.0kW to 16 kW single phase and 23.5kW and 26.5kW three phase. 

With Braemar, you can be ultra-comfortable all year round.

What is Inverter Technology?

An 'inverter' is a power conversion circuit that electronically regulates the voltage, current and frequency of the air conditioner. The circuit controls the compressor and, therefore, the air conditioner's output. Raising the frequency increases the output, while lowering the frequency reduces it. In this way, the inverter air conditioners can provide finer temperature control.



All Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioners come with a comprehensive five year warranty so you can be confident when buying a Seeley backed product that you're buying energy efficiency, excellence and reliability 


Committed to energy efficiency, all Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioners meet and mostly exceed the Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements to help reduce Australia's carbon emissions

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning and ducted gas heating manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy-efficient cooling and heating products. Our vision is to lead the world in creating climate control solutions which continue to be highly innovative, of premium quality and inspirational in their delivery of energy-efficiency. But it’s more than just a vision... it’s a way of life! A commitment to innovation and excellence is at the heart of all that we do. Our success in delivering on that commitment has been recognised by our many awards and our expanding global presence. Seeley International now exports to well over 120 countries. Not bad for a company that started out in 1972 in the garage of its founder and Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley AM FAICD, who was named South Australian of the Year for 2011!