Escea DX1500

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High Efficiency Multiroom Fireplace (Gas)

The DX1500 provides a dramatic statement with a 1.5m ultra-wide viewable glass area, unique flame pattern and simplistic profile.

Our revolutionary heat transfer system makes our DX Series log fires a whisper-quiet home heating addition.

This fireplace is available as a double sided fireplace.


High Efficiency Escea Fireplace

Setting new standards in gas fireplaces, the Escea DX1500 combines 1500 mm width flame, 4.3 Star efficiency, Heat Ducting Technology and Escea's exclusive Smart Heat control system to create the most sophisticated ultra wide fireplace on the market.

Just the sheer width of the flame pattern creates an impressive, dramatic statement that looks great single sided; but looks even more spectacular with Escea's double sided see-through option. The DX1500 captures up to 90% of the available heat and returns it back into the room via Escea's Heat Ducts. This system ensures that the heat travels to the far ends of your room, providing quiet and complete room heating. You can even duct some of the heat into the hallway to warm the bedroom end of the home.

The DX1500 uses Escea's latest Powered Direct Vent flue technology which allows both horizontal and vertical flue runs. In addition to the Escea Velo fascia the DX1500 offers a frameless look so a special focal point can be created with the imaginative use of wall materials. The DX1500 comes supplied with reflective side panels to mirror the flames dancing over the unique Crystalight fuel bed or wood pieces.

Heat Ducting Technology for Escea DX Series fireplaces

Escea's unique Heat Ducting Technology pushes warmth of the frireplace to the farthest reaches of a room, boosting the efficiency and heat output of the DX Series fireplaces.

The ducts transport warm air through ceilings, walls and floors, circulating heat not just within the room, but throughout the house and even between levels. The main duct pipe runs from the fireplace either over the ceiling or under the floor, with the warm air released up to 12 metres away through ceiling, floor or wall outlets. The advanced technology automatically adjusts the heat output and speed of the inline fan so that the room remains at the constant temperature you desire. The system improves the air transfer within your home by heating the entire space evenly before recirculating room air back through the fireplace. Room air is not used for combustion at any point of time thanks to Escea's Powered Direct Vent. The heat duct system is so flexible that the fireplace can be placed almost anywhere, providing unlimited installation options. To access technical information about Escea Heat Ducting Technology please visit download section. The design guide on the topic provides lots of details on running heat ducts within the house.

Smart Heat for Escea DL & DX Series fireplaces

This great new control system by Escea allows you to control your fireplace in ways previously never before available.

Escea's unique Smart Heat system allows each fireplace to connect to the internet. You can then turn on your fireplace from any location via a secure web screen or through our iPhone or Android smart phone app. On cold nights you can turn your fireplace on as you begin the drive home so your house is warm and inviting on arrival.

The Smart Heat system constantly monitors the temperature in the room and makes adjustments to the fireplace to ensure the room is kept at the exact temperature you have requested. It will automatically ramp the heat output and the room air fan up and down through an infinite range of speeds so the fan is never running too fast or too slow. This makes the fireplace extremely energy efficient and quiet.

You have the option of downloading a free iPhone or Android application so your personal smart phone can instantly become your new fireplace remote controller. Now that's smart!

The Escea Smart Heat controller which is standard for the DL & DX Series fireplaces is compatible with most home management systems.


Gas Type:Natural Gas
Star Rating:4.3 Stars
Heat Output:10.4 kW
Energy Input:25-42 MJ/hr
Features:Smart heat
Heat ducting technology
Reflective side panels
Zero clearance
Flue:Powered direct vent
Viewable Glass (mm):1500w x 300h
Fascia Size (mm):1630w x 430h x 38d
1562w x 362h