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Keep a clean flue.

It is important to keep a clean flue. Your wood heater was designed and manufactured to use a 6 inch/150mm flue (mostly), over time creosote can build up on the inside of the flue and thus reduce the diameter of available area.

Therefore the heater is trying to work without the designed release of flue gases, not only does this impact on the efficiency of your wood heater it can become very dangerous as creosote in the flue can actually catch fire.

Known as a flue fire.

Simple fixes:

Regularly clean your flue, by either,

Book a flue clean by an authorised chimney sweep or call Heatworks.

  • DIY, purchase a flue brush and draw the brush from the top down a few times to dislodge any loose materials.


  • Use a product like soot loose. sprinkled on the fire it releases chemicals that can keep your flue clean.


By keeping a clean flue and burning dry hardwood you are helping the environment by reducing emissions.