Fontana Margherita

without stand: $2,719, with stand: $3,788

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The Fontana family, being the original designers of the the stainless steel and steel portable wood fired ovens, has enjoyed a tremendous response with raving reviews from all over the world during the past 30 years. Naturally, because of their incredible successes, many have attempted to imitate their designs throughout the years. However, Fontana remains the clear leader for a number of reasons…..

  • The Fontana Oven uses solid weld construction (as opposed to spot welds or screws) on 3mm thick 304 stainless steel insuring a durable unit that will function properly for many years.  Others use a lower grade stainless steel that will eventually rust.
  • The Fontana Oven has a stainless steel chimney.
  • The Fontana Oven uses natural cooking stones certified to be safe with food contact (does not contain alumina)
  • The Fontana Oven is always the heaviest in class. Demonstrating the use of quality, durable materials. No compromising to cut corners.
  • The Fontana Oven is the only oven that uses a rock based insulation, which will not break down over time and does not emit formaldehyde.
  • The Fontana Oven does not heat through a tube system which limits heat potential and creates ‘hot spots’
  • The Fontana Oven is the most refined in appearance.
  • The Fontana Oven is built in a state of the art facility in Italy by accomplished craftsmen.
  • The Fontana Oven has been around for over 30 years and will continue to be around if service is needed.
  • The Fontana Oven is made in Italy using only quality European materials and parts.
  • The Fontana family continues to be the leader in design and innovation.



100% Made in Italy
Steel and 441 Stainless Steel Construction
Solid weld construction
Rock Based Insulation which will not break down
Food Grade Cooking Stones
10-15 Min Preheat Time
Easy Setup

Interior Dimensions

Margherita - Depth 24”, Width 24”, Height 14”
Mangiafuoco – Depth 24”, Width 32”, Height 14”

Exterior Dimensions

Margherita - Depth 34”, Width 31”, Height 77”
Mangiafuoco – Depth 34”, Width 39”, Height 77”