GMG Premium Texas Blend Pellets


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Premium Texas Blend is packed full of big Texas flavor in every pellet. Green Mountain Grills Premium Texas Blend if the perfect choice of hardwoods to bring out the flavor in your food without Overpowering it. This aromatic blend of black oak, hickory, elm, and a hint of mesquite to offer a consistent flavorful smoke throughout the cook. Green Mountain Grills Brand Pellets are made out 100% kiln dried sawdust that never touches the floor. Our Pellets are held together with the natural ligninís in the wood. Our pellets are a deep brown with a large diameter so they will burn longer than Standard pellets. If you like a hint of mesquite, big flavors, and good heat the Texas blend is right for you.


This blend of white oak, hickory and a skosh of mesquite offers a consistent smoke. If you like a hint of mesquite, the Texas blend is right for you.


CODE: GMG-2004

12.7 kg bag

Pellet Breakdown: 60% black oak, 30% hickory and 10% mesquite.