Heatworks Clay Pot BBQ

$69 small $89 Large

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Clay Pot BBQ

This BBQ stove, made of terracotta clay and covered by zinc jacket with one handle in the center, it is easy to be carried, this is traditional cooking stove in Asia; it goes together with stainless steel grid. It a perfect small BBQ. It is portable, tabletop, using either charcoal or/and wood, suitable for camping, fishing, hunting or party.

A compact bbq, with all the flavours associated with charcoal bbqs.

When you want something different and dont want to fire up the big bbq.

Food cooked this way, taste's awesome.


The clay pot bbq comes in 2 sizes

Small W28 X L28 X H21 $69

Large W 32 X L32 X H24 $89

Andy Johnson reviewed the product (South Australian bbq facebook page)

Product review - Today I had the privilege of being asked by Ian Ogden from Heatworks Norwood, to review one of his small Heatworks traditional Vietnamese made Claypot cookers...

These are available in 2 sizes with the Small measuring W28cm X L28cm X H21cm and the large being W 32cm X L32cm X H24cm ......Although small, they are by no means "lightweight", with the unit I road tested weighing in at 7 kilograms.....

They are a very simple and solid unit consisting of an approximately 2 inch thick claypot, encased in a zinc tray with a carry handle.....

As per the instructions, the 1st "burn in" was done using 1/2 the required amount of charcoal, allowing it to get up to heat before filling with the remaining coals....the stainless steel grilling plate comes with a collapsible handle, allowing for easy storage and plate rotation, that locks into place with a small clip.

from then on, it is a relatively simple cook, with these units being ideal for a quick dinner cookup, that distributes the heat extremely well for such a small unit.

I highly recommend these, and was impressed by both its heat retention and ease of use..... priced at $69 for the small and $89 for the large they are a great unit for people who may be pushed for space, or someone looking for an alternative to the the Smokey Joe or Weber GA ...