Infra-Red Burners


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Features innovative patented technology

• Infra?Red technology produces a super?efficient, high?intensity heat output

• Less gas can be used, without compromising your barbecue’s cooking performance

• Gas flames are emitted upwards from thousands of tiny pores on the top surface of the burner, concentrating more

heat directly towards the cooking area

• Combined with the additional infra?red radiant energy produced from the burner’s ceramic top, a wider and more

even distribution of heat is achieved in comparison to standard cast iron or steel burners

• A removable, triangular stainless steel protective mesh cover reduces food and grease spills from contacting the

burner’s surface, eliminating the need for separate vaporizers

• Food fats are vaporized or burnt?off on contact with the mesh, reducing flame flare?ups ? whilst still allowing the

delicious smoky grease burn?off that enhances flavour

• An innovative ignition apparatus allows automatic and trouble free ignition utilizing the barbecue’s existing built?in

ignition system

• Each burner features a high quality stainless steel body with ceramic top

• Easily replaces the existing burner on BeefEater barbecues (burner must have independent Quartz Start ignition)

• Works with either an LP or Natural Gas supply

• 12mj / 11,374 BTU (LPG) and 11mj / 10,426 BTU (NG) per?hour input