Jotul F163 (Approx 50 m2)

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Jøtul F 163

This is a small wood stove with a new and unique look designed by Hareide Design. The size and shape of the stoves makes it suitable for both corner and wall installation.

Jøtul F163 won silver in the Best Heating Product category in House Beautiful Awards 2011.

  • Clean burn cast iron stove
  • Side windows give extra good view of the flames
  • Side glasses with a special surface that leaves them free of soot
  • User friendly with only one vent to control both the lighting and primary air
  • Optional soapstone top is a beautiful and becoming addition
  • Optional outside air connection

 Physical Warmth

To us, heating is not about creating the highest temperature, it is about creating the most comfortable temperature.

Overall, our stoves and fireplaces deliver the optimum combination of convected and radiated heat. And in order to provide the most comfortable heat in the most efficient manner, we have developed technology to exploit wood and gas to its fullest.

This means that Jøtul stoves and fireplaces boast the best possible physical warmth with a very low consumption of fuel.

To enhance the experience, our own clean burn technology ensures that practically all the particles and gasses in the smoke are burned. This gives additional benefits to lower consumption of fuel; such as cleaner air locally, and less build-up of soot in the chimney which reduces the danger of chimney fire.




Jøtul F 163

  • Nominal Heat Output: 5 kW
  • Max Log Length.: 33 cm
  • Finish Options: Black paint, black or white enamel
  • Flue Outlet: Top/rear
  • Ash solution is Standard
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Accessories: Soapstone top

Jøtul have a policy of constant improvement and upgrading. Products therefore may differ in specification, design, material or dimensions at any time without prior notice.