Maverick ET-735 Thermometer

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The Maverick ET-735 BBQ thermometer has several adjustable settings in its free app. You can grill with ease without worrying about overcooking your meat all while being free to roam, since the app notifies you when your food is done.

The Maverick ET-735 is a four-channel, Bluetooth-enabled wireless thermometer system with features that will make it a star with the barbecue crowd. It comes with two (not four!) sturdily-constructed probes, and will accept the same probes used on its siblings, the ET-732 and ET-733. It can be used as a stand-alone readout or it can be paired with a smartphone for remote operation.

When used as a Bluetooth remote, make sure you have one of the phones that is compatible with the unit. They are:
- iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S and iPhone 6
- Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 Mini & S5
- Samsung Note 2 & 3
- Sony Experia Z1
- LG Nexus 5
- LG G3


MAVERICK ET-735 BBQ Thermometer with Bluetooth.

*Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
*2 – 36” (910mm) long water resistant probes with probe wire rated to 572° F (300° C).
*Count UP & Count DOWN timer included.
*Water-resistant transmitter allows you to monitor up to 4 probes. (Additional probes sold separately)
*Select what to monitor - 1 meat & 1 BBQ or 2 meats & 2 BBQs.
*15 Preset temps for Meat & Game.
6 Preset food temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Turkey.
9 Preset Game Temperatures for Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish.
*Customization feature allows you set your own temperatures.
*Alerts you when food is up to temperature and when BBQ falls out of range; Food range 
- 4° F to 554° F (-20° C to 300° C).
* BBQ Range High Temp: 140° F to 572° F (60° C to 300° C).
BBQ Range Low Temp: 32° F to 554° F (0° C to 290° C).
*Loss of signal alert if you go outside of 160 ft. (48 Meters) for more than 1 minute.
*2 Grill clips to attach probe to grill.
*Works with all devices equipped with Bluetooth LE 4.00 or above.
*Apps to suit IPhone, IPad available from the App Store. (search: Redi-Chek)
*App to suit Android available at Google Play. (search: Redi-Chek)
*All perspective purchases should ensure that their device can / does run the App.
*Requires 2 AAA batteries not included.
*I Phone, I Pad, Smart Phone, Android Device or Tablet not included.