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The Braemar advantage

Braemar superior range of reverse cycle air conditioners are brought to you by Seeley International, Australia’s leading evaporative air conditioning and gas heating manufacturer.

For more than 50 years Braemar has been comforting Australian families with superb highperformance heating and cooling products and has cemented its reputation as a trusted and innovative Australian company, and even more so, since becoming part of the Seeley International group

What is multi system air conditioning?

Multi system air conditioning enables you to connect up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit, therefore offering you a number of options to select from to match each room’s cooling or heating requirements individually. This will help you save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required, with setting different temperatures in each room as required.

Braemar offers a range of indoor units to suit your individual needs – wall-mounted split systems, ceiling mounted cassettes and ducted concealed ceiling units and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Wall-mounted split systems are available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 2.6 kW to 8.0 kW. Split system air conditioning offers an ideal solution to cool and heat just one room or area of your home or office.

Ceiling mounted cassettes are available in 3 sizes, ranging from 3.5 kW to 7.1 kW and are ideal for open plan applications. Ducted concealed ceiling units are available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 2.5 kW to 7.1 kW. These are hidden in the ceiling or in a space above the cupboard and are a discreet solution for any living or working space.