Waterproof Seal For Wood Heater Installations

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When we install a wood heater we use a flexible waterproof seal around the outer casing that penetrates the roof.

This seal makes it very easy to obtain a water tight installation.

The square base will cover a larger opening and conforms with and follows all roof pro?les, while wider cone sizes means each seal will cover a larger range of penetration diameters.

The seal is not to be used directly onto the active (hot) flue, only the outer casings that should extend from the room, through the ceiling space and penetrates through the roof.

Heatworks only use flue components from renowned Australian manufacturers who have state of the art accessories and technologies to provide you with a comprehensive range of components for your heating appliance.

 We offer a complete range of products including, Galvanised outer casing, Stainless steel flue, cowls, bends in stainless and galv, vertical discharge cowls, anti downdraft cowls along with all other combustion heating components.

We are a proudly 100% Australian family owned and managed company that is market driven by our valuable customers to design and provide innovative products that will meet your needs today, and in the future. We really are your one stop heating centre, put us to the test today!


Safety around any heating appliance is extremely important,  

Australia has standards for Domestic solid fuel burning appliances – installation (AS/NZS 2918:2001)  –these standards must be followed for a safe wood heater installation.