Weber Cherry Wood Chips/Chunks

1.35 Kg: $16.95 2.27 Kg: $22.95

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With Weber Firespice Cherry Wood Chunks/Chips you can enjoy Cherry wood chunks which are mild and create a fruity smoke. Fruity flavor benefits fish, pork and poultry.

Why not use a combination of different woods to create your own unique flavours. You just can’t beat food smoked on your barbecue.

Use the Weber Firespice Cherry Wood Chunks/Chips with charcoal BBQ to add a slightly sweet flavour. Adding a fruity smoky flavor to pork, ham, game birds and poultry.

Cherry adds a sweet and fruity smoky flavor to pork, game birds and poultry.

You can also use Weber Firespice Cherry Wood Chunks/Chips as an alternative heat source for charcoal BBQ.