Weber Dual Probe Remote Digital Meat Thermometer #6741

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The latest release of the Weber digital thermometer.

DUAL PROBES, this allows you to monitor two different roasts at the same time.


Never allow overdone meat to ruin the party. With the Weber wireless thermometer, you will know when your meat is ready to be taken off the grill without having to cut your meat. Pre-programmed with recommended USDA temperatures and times, you will never have to guess again when the roast is ready. The two stainless steel probes allow you to have one check your ribs, while the other checks your pork roast. Grill twice as much at the same time. The timer function with countdown and alarm help keep you on track. Storage is easy. Simply place the thermometer on the docking station when not in use.

  • USDA temperature and time settings programmed
  • Two stainless steel probes
  • Docking station when not in use
  • For use with all meats