Weber Q200 Portable BBQ


The Weber® Q™series. Gas barbecues like no other. (The shape of the Weber Q is a trademark of Weber-Stephens Products Australia Pty Ltd.)

The Weber Qs are the newest gas barbecues in the Weber range. When compared with ordinary barbecues they offer outstanding advantages:
• a cooking surface big enough to cater for family and friends (especially with your Weber Q)
• a compact design that’s portable, easily stored and a great camping or picnic companion (especially with your Weber baby Q)
• of such quality that it can be left outside in the elements, even if you live near the beach
• fat-free barbecuing and roasting without uncontrollable flare-ups

Sizzling BBQs or Sunday roasts.
‘Natural convection’ is the secret to Weber Qs amazing cooking ability. It’s this ‘natural convection’ that can give a magnificent steak or a ‘special occassion’ roast that wonderful Weber flavour. Why is this so? It’s the continuous Q-shaped single gas burner that creates almost perfect cooking conditions for both barbecuing and roasting. (You won’t find it on any other gas barbecue either.)

Fat-free cooking without uncontrollable flare-ups.
No matter whether you’re roasting or barbecuing you’ll enjoy fat-free cooking without those uncontrollable flare-ups. That’s because the cooking grill features a protective roof section directly above the gas burner that allows ‘natural convection’ yet prevents fats and juices from falling onto the gas flame. Instead of flaring-up the fat falls harmlessly away from the food and finds its way into a small disposable tray below.

The Weber Qs can be left outside all year round.
Manufactured using only the finest materials, the Weber Qs are a combination of cast aluminium and thermoset resin, which means they won’t rust, even if you live near the beach. The cast-iron cooking grill is coated with porcelain-enamel so it won’t rust either.

Spatter-free barbecuing with that magnificent Weber Flavour.
Close the lid when cooking with the Weber Qs. This stops barbecue spatter from staining your patio or balcony. Even better, by cooking with the lid down the Weber Qs produce remarkable results. The lid traps the barbecue smoke in with the food, imparting that fabulous Weber flavour to your favourite meals.

Enjoy more barbecues per gas bottle.
There is one other great advantage of cooking with the lid closed. You use a lot less gas to cook your food. In fact the Weber Qs are complete gas misers. They consume less than 25% of the gas used by an ordinary 4-burner gas barbecue. So if you don’t like taking your gas bottle down to the service station, Weber Q is the way to go.

It’s not even an issue, the Weber Qs are backed by Weber’s 5 year limited warranty ... game over.

Which Weber Q is for you?

Is it the Weber Q?
It’s truly remarkable! You can use it as your everyday barbecue on a balcony or in the backyard. It can easily handle everything from 10 or 15 chops and sausages to a roast chicken complete with vegies.
People love the Weber Q because it’s large enough for today’s Aussie family, yet small enough for a couple to take away on one of those fun weekends at the beach house or farm.

Or is it the Weber baby Q?
Crave a quick steak after work and you don’t want to bother lighting up your big four burner? Well how about a tender, juicy T-bone steak barbecued perfectly on the baby Q? The baby Q cooks so fast, just 3-4 minutes each side for a magnificent T-bone.
Baby Q is big enough for two or maybe three people. Caravanning, camping, at the beach, sporting events or your favourite park, it doesn’t matter, this little beauty is great fun. Pop it in to the boot of your car and you can take it anywhere. Some people even reckon ‘their car wouldn’t start without a baby Q in the boot’.

EXCLUSIVE, For a little extra, you get a larger lid and a built-in thermometer, Thats great value. Only from Heatworks!!!