Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Charcoal BBQ 47cm

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The Weber® Kettle. The Australian Barbecue Icon.Why is this so? Over 50 years ago, the first Weber® kettle was built. It changed Australian attitudes towards barbecuing forever. For the first time, Weber's indirect cooking system allowed ordinary people to roast whole joints of meat with delicious barbecue flavour. Even now the incredible flavour of these barbecue roasts still distinguishes the Weber kettle from all the other barbecues sold in this country. As a result, the Weber kettle is the only barbecue in Australia to ever attain icon status. Everyone agrees, it's synonymous with spectacular food and memorable entertaining. The secret is in the indirect cooking. How it works. Looking at the picture you can see that coals are positioned out to the sides while the food is placed on the upper grill between the two fires. The fat from the turkey will drop into the disposable drip tray below. This means that you get much healthier, fat-free cooking without those horrible fat-fires. Weber call this 'indirect cooking' because the food is cooked using natural convection without any fire directly underneath it. Apart from the unforgettable flavour, the great advantage of using this method of cooking is that you don't have to turn the meat. You're free to do whatever you want while the Weber kettle cooks the most extraordinary roast, every time. This icon can also barbecue with unmatchable flavour. Some people think it's hard to justify lighting their Weber kettle just to cook steaks. The real Weber enthusiasts know, however, that what the Weber kettle does for roasts it can also do for steaks and kabobs. Steaks, for example, are cooked directly over real coals (not lava or ceramic rock) with the lid covering them. Natural convection cooking makes them the juiciest steaks you'll ever enjoy. The smoke from the coals creates a barbecue flavour that is unmatchable. You only have to taste one steak cooked inside a Weber kettle to know that steaks cooked on ordinary barbecues are just that ... ordinary.


SMOKEY MOUNTAIN COOKER For fantastic smoked foods

  • Heavy gauge steel sealed in porcelain enamel that won't peel, stain or burn

  • The front loading hatch provides easy access to the food and coals

  • An internal water pan generates steam to keep the cooking temperature even and low. As a result the foods are tender, succulent and moist

  • Smouldering smoke combines with the steam and filters up through the double rack encircling hams, fish, poultry or sausage to produce beautiful flavours

  • Cookbook with an easy reference smoke cooking chart and all of the information you need to get started