A Nectre Mk1 pedestal (Upto 177m2)

1979 (2019 pricing)

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Heatworks is the biggest Nectre dealer in Adelaide and are proud to offer a South Australian made wood heater.

“It’s not only an efficient heater but a piece of furniture we’re going to live with a long time” Eden Hills SA

Nectre MK1 LE

Choose the Mk1 and you join the many keeping warm and cosy with one of the most popular heaters ever made. Designed to heat large open plan areas up to 177m2 (20 squares), the Mk1 has an average maximum output of 19kW (65,000 BTU).  (Tested by AMDEL,) Particle emissions are well inside the Australian standard. The Mk1’s wide opening door provides easy access and the huge ceramic glass windows give a perfect view of the brilliant, living fire burning inside.

Nectre Mk1 is finished in black metallic paint and comes with cast iron door with ceramic glass and a stay cool spring handle. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.

  • A 900mm x 900mm hearth is required.

  • Door aperture is 250mm x 495mm.

  • Total weight of the Nectre Mk1 is 120kg.

  • 10 year firebox warranty on Nectre Mk1 


We recommend having a professional install any of our Nectre heaters. We can arrange installation and most cases will undertake a site inspection to determine the correct location.

Product disclaimer

Pecan Engineering continually strives to improve the performance of all our Nectre heaters and stoves.

We reserve the right to change or alter sizes and or specifications without notice. Efficiencies quoted are peak based on a low burn cycle. Burn times quoted are up to and can vary depending on wood, installation and heater condition. Emissions quoted are grams per kilogram. Safety, emissions and efficiency testing is in accordance with AS/NZS 4013, AS/NZS 4012, AS/NZS 2918:2001

Heater Clearances

Installation clearance distances for the Nectre Mk1  are as follows:

  140mm from rear of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).

  650mm from side of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).

  500mm from rear corner of heater to wall in corner installation.

Flue and Hearths

Nectre Mk1 is not supplied with a flue from the factory. Our Dealers all provide suitable a flue and or decromesh kits required for installation. Nectre heaters do not come with hearths, our Dealers can supply a suitable hearth for your requirements.

  • Radiant heater
  • Max average heat output: 19kW
  • Heats around 20 squares (177m2)
  • Weight: Legs: 115Kg  Pedestal: 120Kg
  • Cast iron door with large ceramic glass
  • Stay cool spring door handle
  • Firebrick lined to increase thermal mass
  • Steel baffle plate
  • Steel brick retainer
  • Firebox: 6mm steel construction
  • Cook top
  • Colour: metallic black paint


Nectre Mk1 dimensions

Pedestal model size : 725mm (w) x 725mm (h) x 420mm (d) – base width 650mm