Buying Only From AHHA Approved Retailer

The Australian Home Heating Association Inc (AHHA) is the peak industry body representing over 250 manufacturers, retailers, installers, maintenance companies and the firewood sector of the home heating industry.

As the leading retailer of wood heating in South Australia, please let me recommend that you never buy from a retailer that is NOT a member.

We believe that the work that the Australian Home Heating Association carries out is vital to a safe and educated industry.

Not all states and territories follow the same guidelines, although it wont be long before everyone will need to keep within guidelines. (except non members).

Wood heating by tested and proven companies that are include within the AHHA, offer a safe and cost effective way to heat your home, salespeople from member retailers should always know the Australian standards for Wood heating and be able to offer you reliable advise on the correct heater for you also the safe operating conditions of the heater, and then of course the safe and legal installation process.