Charcoal Weber red gum 5Kgs (Out of stock)


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The charcoal barbecue market and the love for cooking over ‘live fire’ have enjoyed an incredible resurgence over the past few years. To meet the demand for a consistent, high quality charcoal ideal for home use, Weber Australia has developed a 100% natural, premium quality Red Gum Charcoal.

Weber Red Gum Charcoal is sourced from an enormous supply of old sawmill timber that has been seasoned over many years. As the area is cleared, new regrowth timber creates a sustainable wood supply for the future.

The red gum used is one of the hardest Australian timbers available, and the perfect wood for charcoal use. Red gum creates a charcoal that gives superior cooking performance, with a consistent high heat and comparatively long burn time (1.5+ hours).

Weber Red Gum Charcoal is ready to cook on in 10-15 minutes and, because it’s 100% natural, more charcoal can be added to the barbecue at any time if you want to cook for longer than 1.5 hours.

Weber Red Gum Charcoal is specially graded to give consistent, reliable performance. Dust and fines, small pieces and oversized chunks are all removed prior to bagging. Pieces will light quickly and consistently, not fall through the grate, and burn with comparatively even heat.

Weber Red Gum Charcoal burns cleanly and produces hardly any ash when compared with other types of charcoal.


• 100% natural Australian Red Gum Charcoal

• Sourced from rural New South Wales

• Graded for consistentcy to remove small pieces and large chunks

• Long, consistent burn time