Pizza dough the BEST

Preparation & Cooking Time:


Thanks to Kerry Hancock for this one

1 cup plain flour
1 cup 00 flour
3/4 tspn yeast
1 tspn fine sea salt
1 Tblspn Olive Oil
1 cup of warm water **you may not need it all so mix the yeast with 1/2 cup warm water & use the remainder only if you need to. It's a fabulous dough & is even better on the 3rd-5th day. Give it a crack

Another tip from Kerry:

A little tip for your home made some cheese sticks inside the outer edge of your pizza dough & fold it over to enclose them. Home made cheese stuffed crust pizza Mmm

Thanks to Tony J for this addition. For Gluten free, Use 1 Cup of Greek Yoghurt to 2 Cups of Gluten Free Self Raising flour...

How to Make Pizza Dough at Home | The New York Times

Anthony Falco of Roberta's in Bushwick, Brooklyn, teaches Sam Sifton how to make restaurant-style pizza dough at home


Kerry's tips

 I find it best to make it 24 hrs before you need it & I put the dough balls separately into a lightly oiled ziplock bag. Take it out an hour before you want to cook it & it's so easy to work with & very forgiving....sugar free too!!

I find if you don't knead it enough (3-5 min) it doesn't work quite as well. Otherwise after kneading put the dough in portions in ziploc bags with a little OO in the bag. It stops it from drying out & makes it easier to handle

depending on the weather it will use between 1/2 cup & almost a full cup of warm water....use 1/2 & go from there until the dough just holds together. Leave it for 15 mins then knead it, divide it & into the fridge to proof. If you need it that day just leave it to proof at room temp for around 2 hrs before using.


plain flour has 10.0g of protein per 100g whereas 00 has 14.0g per 100g. It's a softer flour that is brilliant for pizza, calzone, bread sticks etc. It makes quite a difference to the finished dough as its more elastic & easier to work with....I find using it 1/2 & 1/2 in the dough is perfect. Hope this helps