Weber Q Smoker Box Set

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With the Weber Q Smoker Box Set you can add a whole new dimension to cooking on your Weber Q barbecue. By using the Weber Q Smoker Box Set, you can add the wonderful flavour of smoke to your food. Wood chips smoulder and smoke in the smoker boxes, the smoke circulates around your food under the lid and creates distinctively smoky flavours. The flavour of smoking wood can be used to compliment fish, pork, red meat and vegetables. 

Using the Smoker Box Set For best results, the smoker box set should be used with the indirect/roasting method (please refer to your Weber Q barbecue handbook).

Preparing the Smoker Box Set Measure out the amount of Weber Firespice Wood Chips required to fill both smoker boxes. Place the wood chips in a bowl or container and cover with water. Stir the wood chips to ensure that all chips are wet, and leave them to soak for at least 30 minutes. Fill both smoker boxes with wet wood chips and place the lid on each smoker. Your smoker box set is now ready to use.

Setting up your Weber Q barbecue for smoking Set up your barbecue for roasting/baking, using a Weber Q convection tray and trivet. Place the prepared smoker boxes directly on the cooking grill. Place one smoker box at the back of the grill, behind the convection tray and trivet. Place one smoker box at the front of the grill, in front of the convection tray and trivet. Ensure the vent openings on the top of the smoker boxes point into the centre of the barbecue. This helps direct smoke towards the food while cooking.

Preheating and smoking on your Weber Q barbecue With the convection tray, trivet and smoker boxes in place, preheat the barbecue for 25 to 30 minutes with the burner(s) on high and the lid closed. Once preheated, a noticeable amount of smoke should be visible coming from the barbecue. Place your food on the trivet and turn the burner controls to the roast setting as described in the Aus/NZ cooking instructions for your Weber Q barbecue. The smoker boxes will continue to produce smoke for about 30 minutes. Cooking times when smoking should be the same as when roasting or baking on your Weber Q barbecue.

Smoking with your Weber Q barbecue Using smoking wood can add a new dimension to cooking on your barbecue. We encourage you to experiment with different combinations of wood chips to find the smoke flavour that best suits your taste. Different types of smoking wood will produce different flavours.