What's Happening

Heston week at Heatworks
The week has started with VIP events, showing the amazing range of Everdure bbq's by Heston. Executive chef Bart Beek and Cassandra Young demonstrated the range and created some Heston food that was quite simply delicious. Just some of the menu includes.... Char Grilled Chilli prawns With charred lettuce, Chilli, Paprika, Lemon, Thyme, and Vanilla mayonnaise. Maple Spiced Beef Short Rib With charred pumpkin, grilled kombu,grapefruit, pine nuts and lemon salsa. Apple Tarte Tatin. With smoked orange cream, apple tea, caramel, spices,...

Electric bbq by Weber...PULSE
Weber®Pulse™ 2000 When does food intertwine with technology? When it’s cooked on Weber’s revolutionary electric barbecue, the Pulse. Ushering in an era of infinite barbecuing possibilities, the Pulse fuses everything you need from a traditional barbecue, with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. And there’s no compromise on the Weberflavour either – a first for electric barbecue cooking. Your family and friends won’t believe their taste buds. The Pulse 2000 is uniquely integrated with Weber iGrill smart technology. That means...

New Everdure Heston 4K
This is exciting news, about to be released in Aus