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LG Split System Airconditioning

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LG’s Lifestyle


LG’s persistent technological advancements have

helped people experience a more pleasant daily life by

vitalising the home environment with energy efficient

products. LG has built upon these developments

to launch sophisticated technologies that vitalise

consumers’ lives.

Through LG’s advanced technologies, air conditioners

have evolved from simple cooling devices to a

comprehensive air management system that also

generates fresher air for the home. This aspect of

LG’s air conditioners is growing stronger, as the types

of filters being introduced are capable of protecting

families from various allergies.

All these technological indoor features operate

simultaneously while exhibiting low indoor noise levels,

ensuring the home environment is not only fresher,

but also quiet and relaxing enough to enable a most

pleasant sleeping experience for consumers.

Thanks to our innovative technology, LG air conditioners

are ideal for use at home and deliver cost-effective

solutions for your office environment.