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Thermometers in Adelaide, South Australia.
Jason Lindquist
1 year ago
★★★★★ 5 5 I have been using the new Weber Snap check instant read thermometer for a couple of weeks now and love it!! I have previously used a thermapen and find the weber pen to read temp quicker and personally I love the button to flick the thermometer into a usable position! Even with greasy hands. It’s the small things.
Plus always great to deal with the team at Heatworks #supportlocal #weberforthewin
Thermometers in Adelaide, South Australia.
Andy Johnson
1 year ago
★★★★★ 5 5 Weber “Snap check” Grilling Thermometer Review
Upon unboxing, the first thing that struck me was the weight of the unit… It feels really solid in the hand and just “feels” like a quality unit. Two phillips screws remove the back accessing the battery compartment and the “menu and set “ buttons.
The menu itself is easy to use, and allows for you to toggle the Temp setting from F to C (the default is F), adjust the display brightness, set the decimal point (so it doesn’t read in whole numbers), and finally adjust the amount of time before the unit enters “sleep mode”.
After making your desired selections, simply place the back plate on and secure with the 2 screws.
The thermometer is now ready for use.
Pressing the release button once, causes the probe to be released 90 degrees, with the probe able to be further extended into a completely vertical position.
The probe itself has markings along the full length to allow you to measure the depth of the probe into the meat.
The Snap Check also has an inbuilt “accelerometer” allowing the screen to rotate when the thermometer is moved at various angles, making reading easy whatever way it’s held.
I cooked a couple of Ground beef burgers tonight to test, and after inserting the probe into the centre of the meat, found that true to its word, had a temp reading within 3 seconds.
Precise: +/- 0.4°C (0.7°F) – Temperature range is from -40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F )
The display is clear and easy to read, and wipes down easily for cleaning.
At $149, it is comparable in price to the other “pen type” instant read thermometers on the market,
And its quality and precision will see it, become very popular within the BBQ circles.