Weber range of Premium gas bbq’s.

The latest range of premium gas Weber bbq’s 

Not including the Weber Q range.

Which Premium Gas is for you?

Ever since the original Weber kettle set the benchmark in barbecue quality, we’ve had a reputation to protect. We know that people rely on and trust us to build barbecues of extraordinary quality and we are not going to let them down. You see, quality is at the very heart of our company’s culture. That is why we strive to keep all of our manufacturing processes at or above the world’s best practice. These are not barbecues from some backyard factory. Even poor quality barbecues can look good on the showroom floor, but we know it’s how they look years and years later that really matters. That’s why each Weber barbecue is made from only the highest grade materials that are chosen to weather the elements and stand the test of time. Heavy gauge steel, the finest porcelain enamel, best grade aluminium and, of course, quality stainless steel.