4 Top Plumbing Mistake to Avoid – The Ultimate Guide

Plumbing is one of the significant fields that you can handle with basic skills. There are some problems that you can handle, such as replacing a faucet or showerhead. However, other repairs may be beyond your basic skills knowledge.  Before you can think of making any repairs or changes, you need to have a few plumbing tools. That’s because some of the work isn’t challenging. But before you can start handling plumbing DIY projects, get informed about common types of solder, glue, pipes, and fittings. And this is an area most enthusiasts have failed.  On the other hand, you may find it worth hiring someone in Chiswick to help you solve your plumbing problems.  These are common mistakes you must avoid: 
  • Using Drain Cleaners
If your bathroom is clogged, avoid the mistake of using drain cleaners. This shouldn’t be your first option, as most plumbing enthusiasts do.  The easiest way to unclog the kitchen sink or bathroom is to use a plumbing snake or drainage cleaning tools. The other option is to drain P-trap and pour out those materials leading to blockage.  Avoid using liquid drain cleaners not to end up pouring excess amounts. It’s a mistake because these liquids aren’t the best for unclogging blocked drainer. That’s because they can damage traps and metallic pipes. 
  • Using Excessive Force to Shut Off Valves Stuck
When you don’t use the sink and toilet valves for days, sometimes they fail to turn. So, if you opt to open that valve with your hand but fails, you can’t solve the problem by adding excess force.  There are two things that you may do when you use excess force: damage the valve stem and break the knob. The reason to fail to turn may come from packing seal welding to the stem.  To avoid more problems, use a wrench to loosen the nut holding the stem. A wrench can easily break that tight bond allowing the knob to turn easily. 
  1. Sweating Copper Pipes With Water 
All copper pipes and fittings have to be dry before you can sweat them. If there is water near the joint makes it weak. Start by heating the water to make the place dry with a torch. That evaporates the water. If there is water present when soldering, it creates pinholes. After some time, you will start to see water jets from the soldered point.  An ideal solution to avoid the problem is to plug the Pipe with white bread. It’s a plug with the features of a capsule.
  1. Lack of Right Tools 
 Plumbing tools make work easier and efficient. One of the biggest plumbing mistakes you can make is working without appropriate tools. By doing so, many things may go wrong.  Perhaps you want to remove some old galvanized nipples using a pipe wrench or typical pliers. These tools are likely to break water pipes leaving threads on the wall. You can avoid such problems by investing in appropriate plumbing tools.  Conclusion You should avoid causing more damages to your plumbing system. To solve such problems, hire an experienced plumber or invest in the right tools.