The Best Dog Beds In Australia

Most Australian’s love dogs. It is common for people living throughout the country to own a dog. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, more people than ever seem to be adopting or buying dogs down under. Because of lockdowns, people have decided to get a dog to help them with loneliness.  Dog’s are fantastic companions, and many of us allow our furry friends to sleep on our beds and sofas. Unfortunately, dogs are not the cleanest animals in the world, so you can expect them to leave dirt and bad odors on your expensive furniture. On top of that, they are also known to damage the furniture’s material, by drooling, scratching, or chewing on them. So instead of having to fork out a small fortune on a brand new sofa, it might be time to spend some of your hard earned money on a top quality dog bed for your best pal.    Some of the beds out there designed specifically for dogs not only help your pet get a quality night’s sleep but can also help them with different health issues. It is very common for dogs to suffer from joint pain, so you should consider investing in an Orthopedic Dog Bed. These beds are made up of a certain type of foam that helps a dog who is suffering.  

Online Pet Stores in Australia

Although you can go to your local pet store in Australia, there are lots of websites and online marketplaces that stock a wide variety of dog beds. Most pet stores only carry a limited amount of beds, so you should have a lot of different options online.    There are plenty of companies making top of the range products in Australia. There are some fantastic bed manufacturers making dog beds around the country. Some use top quality material that helps the dog bed last for many years. You don’t want to spend your savings on a new dog bed, only to find yourself throwing it away a few months down the line.   

Speak to an Expert

Before investing in a new bed, consider speaking to your veterinarian first for advice. Vets in Australia will have undergone years of training to get their qualifications, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help, especially if your pet has any underlying conditions. Some veterinarians sell dog beds too, so it might be worth your while checking them out. If not, they might be able to order you one.    If you invest in a low quality dog bed, it can have a terrible impact on your pet’s health. Beds that are made up of very soft materials can cause all sorts of problems. If you have a bed in mind that you want to buy, perhaps speak to a trained professional to see if it will help your dog stay safe and comfortable. 

How Much Should I Pay for a Dog Bed in Australia?

The prices of dog beds vary. It seems like the more you spend, the better the bed. For a small or large dog, you should be able to pick up a top of the range dog bed for less than $200. You can expect to pay a little more in a physical pet store in comparison to online pet stores.    If you are on a tight budget, you should consider waiting until you have a little bit extra saved. Low quality dog beds have a lot of issues including the following:  
  • They are not waterproof: You can expect your furry friend to get wet now and again, and if the bed isn’t waterproof it might get damaged. Plus, the dog’s odors will get stuck to the fabric, which will prove extremely difficult to get rid of.
  • You might not be able to wash the cover: Most quality dog beds have a removable cover that you can take off and wash. If you purchase a bed that isn’t washable, trying to clean it after a few months of usage might prove impossible. 
  • It might get damaged easily: If the bed isn’t scratch proof, you might be faced with a serious problem. Even dogs that don’t have a lot of energy like to scratch different materials every so often, so you must keep this in mind when you are shopping for a new bed. Beds that are scratch proof tend to last a lot longer. Dogs often have sharp nails, so if the quality of the material isn’t any good, then you can’t expect it to last very long. 


Prices are often very different between online and in traditional pet stores. Owning a dog can put you out of pocket, especially when it comes to veterinarian fees and the price of dog food, but there is no point in going for the cheapest dog bed on the market.   Before investing, consider researching each bed online. If there are disgruntled customers out there, you are bound to find some negative reviews posted on the web.